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No. 1398 Shuntai Street, Zhucheng , Weifang City, Shandong Province, PR.China

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Intelligent Environmental Protection Equipment Business
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Livestock Feces Organic Fertilizer Equipment


Intelligent Environmental

Protection Equipment Business

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equipment business

Intelligent Environmental Protection Equipment Business

It is mainly engaged in organic waste gas (VOCs) treatment projects, sewage treatment projects, poultry and livestock recycling equipment, etc. The core products mainly include RTO (regenerative thermal oxidation furnace) system, CO (catalytic combustion) system, TAR (heat recovery direct-fired furnace) system, zeolite concentration wheel + RTO/CO/TAR combination system, activated carbon adsorption system, poultry and livestock harmless treatment equipment, poultry and livestock manure organic fertilizer equipment and qualified GC-FID online VOC monitoring system.

Intelligent Conveying

Equipment Business

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High VOC Purification Efficiency: Purification efficiency ≥ 99%, reaching the environmental protection standards
Excellent Valve Design: Fast switching, leakage rate ≤ 0.5%
High Heat Transfer Efficiency of Heat Accumulator: Thermal efficiency ≥ 95%, energy-saving
Safe and Reliable Equipment Operation: Design multiple safety measures and chains
Rotary RTO Technology: Rotary valve core technology, intelligently leading

The rotary RTO has more advantages in terms of floor area occupation, operation energy consumption, stability, program control, and so on.



Product Advantages

 Application: It is applicable in the coating, packaging, printing, coating, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Air Volume: 3000~100000Nm3/h
Components: Complex components, no recovery value, difficult to reuse
Concentration: 1000mg/Nm3

RTO System

Zeolite Wheel + RTO System

High VOC Purification Efficiency: Purification efficiency ≥ 90%, reaching the environmental protection standards
High Zeolite Wheel Concentration Multiple: Concentrated for 10~25 times
High Adsorption and Desorption Efficiency: Low temperature adsorption, high temperature desorption, fast adsorption and desorption, high temperature desorption at 200°C, complete desorption

High Safety: Non-flammable, can handle high-boiling organics, the maximum regeneration temperature is up to 300 °C

Easy Maintenance: A simple structure, fewer maintenance parts, easy maintenance
Application: It is applicable to coating, printing, coating, chemical, electronics, semiconductor integration and other industries.
Air Volume: ≥10000Nm3/h
Components: Complex components, no recovery value, difficult to reuse
Concentration: 50mg/Nm3



Activated Carbon + Catalytic Combustion System



Gas chromatography is adopted for detection, and the FID principle is used
Heat tracing sampling in the whole process ensures the monitoring data accurate and reliable

Unique gas circuit design can effectively eliminate gas interference
The FID detector has the auto-ignition function and features wide-range output
Automatic electronic flow control technology used, good repeatability and reproducibility
The core components use international famous brands, so they have a high reliability and a long service life.

VOC online detection system


High-performance Activated Carbon Adsorbent:

Large specific surface area, good desorption and desorption performance, small over-wind resistance, suitable for high volume air and low concentration exhaust gas treatment

The adoption of low-temperature catalytic oxidation without flame is safe and highly efficient, can implement explosion-proof design
High-performance honeycomb ceramic carrier precious metal catalyst features a high catalytic activity, stable performance, long service life, and low resistance
Simple Installation and Maintenance: Modular combination, fewer equipment maintenance parts, easy maintenance.


Tank Closure: The tank is fully enclosed to eliminate secondary contamination
Thermal Insulation Treatment: The interior of the tank uses polyurethane as insulation layer, which is little influenced by the external environment, ensuring the fermentation throughout the year
Drive Design: The adoption of hydraulic drive achieves large thrust and low maintenance costs
Long life: All parts contacted with the feces use 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-proof and durable.
Land-saving: The adoption of three-dimensional design can save the use of land.

Livestock Harmless Equipment


Harmless Treatment of Sick/Dead Poultry, Pollution-free Discharge

Turn waste into treasure, reuse organic fertilizer, and realize agricultural recycling economy
Wide Range of Application:

Chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, cattle, etc.

Complete treatment, inactivation of viruses, blocking the spread of bacteria and viruses
High degradation efficiency, and large processing capacity
Advanced technologies such as decomposition, sterilization, fermentation, drying and molding are used
A high degree of automation, simple operation, avoid direct contact


Coating Sewage Treatment Device

The coating sewage treatment device generally includes a sewage storage tank, a pretreatment tank, a raw water storage tank, a reaction sedimentation tank, a reactive gas floatation tank, and a clear water tank. A plurality of sewage storage tanks are respectively connected to the pretreatment tank with COD on-line control instruments. The pretreatment tank is composed of a demulsification zone, a PH adjustment zone, and a coagulation zone. The pretreatment tank outlet pipe is connected in sequence to the raw water storage tank, the reaction sedimentation tank, the reactive gas floatation tank, and the clear water tank. All tanks and lines in the device are connected to the IPC, mix all kinds of sewage dynamically in advance by adding the pretreatment tank with COD online control instrument and adjust the COD in the sewage before coagulating sedimentation reaction to ensure the stable water quality and quantity and improve the treatment efficiency.