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No. 1398 Shuntai Street, Zhucheng , Weifang City, Shandong Province, PR.China

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Internet of Things
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oftware development

Intelligent Conveying

Equipment Business

Internet of


Intelligent Environmental

Protection Equipment Business

Smart Logistics and Three-

dimensional Warehousing

TPM Maintenance


Intelligent coating

equipment business

The main direction of development is to promote the deep integration of traditional manufacturing industries with intelligent industry technologies. The Internet of Things mainly focuses on three main business segments of smart factories, electromechanical installation, and power distribution and distribution systems to provide customers with integrated smart factory services including program customization, equipment control, information processing, and display. In recent years, the business has been in a period of rapid growth. The project is characterized by stable operation, high control accuracy, and high overall cost performance, and has won the trust of customers.




PLC control


Energy management



Core Advantages

Touch screen, LED, TV and other display modes, each control box is in line with ergonomics.

Modular design concept, sub-regional control; section prefabrication of equipment construction, modular installation

Stable and Reliable

The use of a mature bus system ensures perfect equipment protection.

Energy-saving and


The use of frequency converter control, program optimization and other methods achieves optimal control; and the power transformation and distribution through the energy management system achieves energy conservation and emission reduction in the plant.



A core switch team with interfaces, algorithms, and other software.

A professional construction and installation team, short construction period

High Efficiency

Product Advantages


Smart Factory System

On the basis of digital factories, Internet of Things technology and equipment monitoring technology are used to strengthen information management and services, improve the controllability of the production process, reduce manual intervention on the production line, timely and correctly collect production line data, and reasonably arrange production planning and production schedule. The core products include PLC control, energy management, ANDON, AVI, PMC, software development, remote operation and maintenance management. Since its establishment, the company has been being market-oriented; focusing on customer needs; and been driven by technology research and development. Through cooperation with famous universities such as Shandong Jianzhu University, it has established a research and development technical team with senior and well-experienced experts as guides.

Power Distribution System

The company is mainly engaged in the construction of electric transmission lines under 35KV, the design, construction and commissioning of intelligent power transmission and distribution projects,  the preventive testing and overhaul of power equipment, maintenance of power transformation and distribution substations, check of high and medium-voltage protection systems, electric power system-related technology consultation and support, and the research and development of smart power transformation and distribution business. 

Mechanical and Electrical Installation

The company is mainly engaged in electrical installation, HVAC installation, water supply and drainage installation, power pipe installation and other mechanical and electrical integration construction projects, has rich practical experience, and advanced scientific theory, can carry out deepened design and resource integration to the automatic control systems of related industries, and put forward energy conservation, constant temperature and humidity system solutions with constructive suggestions.

Double electric switches at important positions make the equipment able to run safely; and safety products laid in dangerous places can ensure personal safety.