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Intelligent coating equipment business
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Product Category

Main Application Scope

Intelligent coating

equipment business

Internet of


Smart Logistics and Three-

dimensional Warehousing

TPM Maintenance


Intelligent coating equipment business

Intelligent Environmental

Protection Equipment Business

It mainly includes the design, production, installation, commissioning of a whole set of  coating process intelligent system s including coating pretreatment electrophoresis system, coat spray system, drying system, mechanical transmission system, electric control system and equipment management, energy management and other information management systems. We have the core technologies in the green silane pretreatment process transformation, water-


Intelligent Conveying

Equipment Business

Energy conservation and

environmental protection

With advanced technology, it can reduce energy consumption, reduce waste emissions,

achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and lower costs. 


Modular design, production and installation can reduce the amount of field construction

and improve the quality of construction. 


Make the best production line for customers and design the most cost-effective coating equipment with the lowest input.  

It mainly consists of main body chamber, functional tank systems, tank liquid circulation system, oil removal and iron scrap removal and slag removal system, air supply and exhaust system, lighting system and so on.

Pretreatment system


Product type

Traditional pretreatment, green silane or zirconium salt pretreatment. 

The oil dirt and dust on the surface of the workpieces are removed by flood washing and degreasing. The workpiece surface is subject to chemical treatment through surface blending and phosphating process or green silane zirconium salt process. The excellent pretreatment technology can not only guarantee the excellent anti-corrosion performance of the workpieces, but also provide high-quality base surface for the next painting process.

Product functions 

Intermittent or continuous batch production can be adopted, with high degree of automation. Spray type and immersion type for better treatment effect. The equipment could operate reliably and stably. 

Product features

Pre-processing and cleaning of automobile and mechanical parts.

Application Scope

Products with advantages

This product mainly consists of the main room body, various function tank system, tank liquor circulation system, ventilation system, ultra-filtration system, anode system, power supply system, lighting system etc.

Electrophoresis System


Product Features

Through automated delivery, eliminator supply and anode system, the process enables the workpiece to realize automatic batch electrophoresis and enhances the corrosion resistance of the workpiece.

The product can adopt batch-type or continuous-type mass production and achieves a high degree of automation. The use of spraying or the combination of spaying + impregnating can achieve a good treatment effect. The equipment is reliable and stable. 

Product Features

Application Scope

Electrophoretic painting of automobile and mechanical parts 

Paint Spraying Equipment

The spray painting equipment mainly consists of the dynamic and static pressure chamber, the top filter, the spray paint operation room, the grille operation surface, the paint mist adsorption device, the paint mud treatment device, and the exhaust system.

According to the different methods of mist treatment, the products can be divided into: water rotary spray booth, curtain spray booth, Vent’s spray booth, traditional dry spray booth, lime powder dry spray booth, and the new type of paper box-type dry spray booth.

Product Features

The air-conditioning unit sends air from the upper part of the equipment, and the exhaust fan extracts air from the bottom of the equipment. In the lower part of the equipment, there is a paint mist capturing device. The airflow changes into a laminar flow after passing through the dynamic pressure chamber and the static pressure chamber. The paint mist in the operating chamber is pressed into the paint mist adsorption device, and then the paint mist is captured in the adsorption device. The treated air is exhausted to the atmosphere via an exhaust fan.

This product can have the surface of the workpiece reach the requirements of painting, such as appropriate temperature, humidity, wind speed, illuminance, fire and explosion protection, and improve the surface coating quality.

Product Features


The product is mainly used in car lines, passenger car lines, truck lines, construction machinery production lines, spraying lines and some auto parts production lines.



According to the different functions, it is mainly divided into:
Open Station: Lamp bracket structure, mainly used for coating sealant, applying putty, etc.;
Closed Station: Grinding room, point repair room, PVC prime coat room, etc.;

Equipment in the Working Area


Product Category

The product can provide workers with a comfortable operating environment and ensure the quality of the workpiece surface.

Product Features

The air-conditioning unit sends air from the upper part of the equipment, and the exhaust fan extracts air from the bottom of the equipment. In the lower part of the equipment, there is an exhaust filtering device. The upper part of the operating room is provided with an air supply inlet or a static pressure chamber (point repair room) to remove the dust or other substances generated due to grinding from the filter unit at the bottom of the equipment.

Product Features

The product is mainly used in car lines, passenger car lines, truck lines, construction machinery production lines, spraying lines and some auto parts production lines.

Main Application Scope

The product supplies air to the spray booths, temperature, humidity and air supply speed needed by the manual working area.

Air Conditioning Units


Product Features

In order to ensure the air temperature and humidity requirements, air conditioning units in automotive production lines usually require constant temperature and humidity, heating in winter, and cooling in summer to meet production requirements. In order to save energy, the production line is usually equipped with two classes of air-conditioning units, one of which is to use a fresh air-conditioning unit to supply air to the manual spraying area; the other is to use a circulating air-conditioning unit to supply air to the robot spraying area.

Product Features

The constant temperature and humidity fresh air conditioner mainly consists of the primary efficiency filter section, the single heating section, the surface cooling section (summer), the humidification section, the secondary heating section (summer), the fan section, the uniform flow section, the muffler section, the medium efficiency filter section, the air outlet section, etc.

The constant temperature and humidity circulating air conditioning unit is mainly composed of the paint fog filter section, the primary efficiency section, the medium efficiency section, the surface cooling section, the heating section, the fan section, etc. (For circulating air in the wet spray booth)

System Composition

The product is mainly used in car lines, passenger car lines, truck lines, construction machinery production lines, complete machine spraying lines, some auto parts production lines, etc.

Main Application Scope

In accordance with the shape of the furnace, the product can be divided into straight-through drying furnaces, bridge-type drying furnaces, and π-type drying furnaces. Its structure mainly includes the drying room and strong cold room main body, the heating system, the air curtain system, the exhaust gas system, the strong cold exhaust air system, the mechanized conveyor system, and the electronic control system.

Drying System


It can dry the workpiece. The workpiece is heated and insulated by the heated circulating air, and the coating on the workpiece surface is cured, so as to have the film achieve the required quality. 

Product Functions

This product can adopt batch-type or continuous mass production and has the features of a high degree of automation, small temperature fluctuation, a good gas sealing effect, reliable operation and high stability.

Product Features

This product is mainly used for the drying of auto parts and mechanical parts, and strong cold process.

Scope of Application


Core strengths

Robot spraying ystems have high degree of automation, high production efficiency and

low operating cost.



based paint process transformation, energy efficient and environmentally friendly dry spray paint room transformation, robot spraying technology transformation, and B1B2 short process, etc, with rich experiences in the designs and constructions.