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Intelligent Conveying Equipment Business
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Intelligent Conveying Equipment Business

It mainly consists of the coating, welding, and total automated conveying systems. The main forms of transportation include large sliding boards, air friction lines, ground counter-friction lines, IMC chains, EMS, light and heavy skidding systems, and a variety of delivery equipment integrating non-contact power supply technologies.


The sled conveying system consists of a combination of standard units. The main standard units include: roller bed, rotating roller bed, moving machine, rotary moving machine, lifter, drying chain, spray chain, IMC chain, stacker and destacker, sled, transplanter, stopper and so on.

Core Advantages

Superior Products

Sled Convey System


The sled conveyor system is widely used in welding, painting, assembly and other production processes of automobiles It enables itself or workpieces to pass through different process sections such as painting, drying, polishing, wiping, and repair in coating process; main welding and adjustment of the assembly process; as well as the interior and final assembly of the assembly; and meets different process requirements.

This product features modular combination of a variety of standard units and a higher degree of flexibility.

The product is safe and reliable and runs stably. Grinding, wiping and other work can be done with it. Each conveyor unit has a low synchronization start-up rate and the product makes a low noise.

Application Scope

Chain-type Conveying System

The chain conveyor uses the chain as the traction and the carrier to transport the material. The chain can use the ordinary sleeve roller conveyor chain, and can also use other kinds of special chains (such as the accumulation chain and the double speed chain).

Product Type

Plate chain, ground tow chain, double speed chain, braced chain, accumulation chain, etc.

Plate chains and ground tow chains are generally used for assembly line assembly of automobiles, adjustment lines and other transmission lines.


The chain conveyor has a large conveying capacity, a variety of conveying chain structures, and a variety of accessories, which facilitates accumulation transportation.


Friction Conveying System

It is generally composed of the drive unit, track, turnout, car sets, trolley, stopper and other components.

Product Type

Air friction conveying system and ground friction conveying system.


This product is friction-driven, runs stably, produces a low noise, and produces no pollution.
It is a modular combination of multi-standard units, with the features of high flexibility and high transmission speed. The product adopts a relay operation mode, does not need all drive motors to run at the same time and consumes low energy. 

Application Scope

This product is generally used in the WBS reservoir area, the PBS reservoir area, the empty coating line, the empty trolley storage, the car door assembly line, body storage and other conveying lines.

Application Scope

Product Type

The system generally consists of the raceway, the stopper, the lifting machines, the trays, the turner and other components.

Unpowered roller, powered roller, accumulated roller, etc.


The layout is flexible, and the product can be modularly combined with a variety of standard units, it features a high degree of flexibility, a high load capacity, strong impact resistance, stable operation, and low noise.

This product is widely used in the transportation of products, classified storage in the warehouse areas and other production processes. It is applicable to the conveying and assembly of all types of household appliances, seats, engines, transmission gears, tires, front and rear suspensions, etc.


Self-propelled Cart

It mainly consists of the suspension steel structure, track, trolley conductor, load trolley, load beam, turnout, lifting appliances, chain hoist, lifting limit device, road wheel, connecting bracket, and electrical control system.

Product Type

Monorail self-propelled cart, dual-track self-propelled cart.

Application Scope

The product features smooth operation, flexible layout, low noise and no pollution. The overhead suspension layout of the operation line reduces the need for floor space. Through the multi-track combination, climbing system, and lifter, the logistics can be transported, sequenced, buffered, and split in different planes and heights.

Application Scope

The product is generally used in automotive coating pretreatment, electrophoresis conveying lines, assembly and transmission lines, door lines, interior lines, and chassis lines.

We can provide a fully automated intelligent conveying system, achieving unmanned operation, automatic operation and significant improvement in efficiency.


High Flexibility

Adhering to the concept of high flexibility, we provide multi-model co-production transmission systems; and it is easy to upgrade later.

High Precision

The system runs automatically and stably. The parking position and positioning are accurate, and the automatic transfer success rate can be more than 98%.

System-wide safety check; key stations are equipped with mechanical and electrical dual protection measures to ensure safe production.

Safe and Reliable

Adhering to the design concept of customer satisfaction, we choose and match the conveying equipment and production line investment correctly to reduce the investment cost.

High Cost Performance







The system is generally composed of the sliding board, the main drive, the damping drive, the fast drive, the lift table, the track system, the sliding board side shifter, the sliding board rotating machine, the sliding board lifter, the sliding board locator and other components.

Sliding Board Conveying System


Circular sliding board, rectangular sliding plate

Product Type


The product is friction-driven and features smooth operation, flexible layout, low noise and no pollution. The table-board of the sliding plate, the equipment host, is usually parallel with the ground, and features good passability, and the perimeter of the line body is clean and tidy. Each set of carts is independently driven, and adopts frequency control, can be added functions such as lifting, lowering, rotation, and turnover.

The product is mainly used in automotive interior assembly lines, final vehicle assembly lines, engine and gearbox assembly, etc.

Application Scope