No. 1398 Shuntai Street, Zhucheng City,

Weifang City, Shandong Province.


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No. 1398 Shuntai Street, Zhucheng , Weifang City, Shandong Province, PR.China

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Unit assembly area

Roller type shot blasting machine


Organizational structure

Product line

Robot and intelligent welding division develops corresponding products around intelligent welding and robot system,

and robot body development and manufacturing

MH Robot has set up two research and development centers in Shandong and Tianjin

Research and Development Ability--R & D Center

236 Robot technical personnel in robot and intelligent welding division

Research and development ability--research and development team

Expert team






Proposal engineer

Process engineer


Design engineer

Research and development process

To meet the diversified customer demands, our research and development process can complete the turnkey project from engineering

analysis, design and processing, to on-site installation and debugging, etc

Engineering synchronous analysis

Process analysis

Vehicle body welding

process analysis

All NC machining

All 3D digital design and


Design of fixtures and

conveying equipment

Our company has a gantry machining center, and a five axis machining center, dozens of CNC milling machine

and other advanced processing equipment

Manufacturing capacity - processing area

Haitian 5 meters gantry

machining center

Haitian 6 meters gantry

machining center

Haitian 8 meters gantry

machining center

Robot and intelligent welding division is the turnkey solutions provider that integrate the research and development, design, integration, commissioning and services of automotive intelligent manufacturing equipment. It mainly provides services for automobile and parts manufacturers, agricultural machinery and engineering machinery manufacturers. The products mainly include the spot welding and laser welding of white motors production line, welding, hemming, and gluing of aluminum body and other tooling integration, industrial robot technology application, arc welding robot system, spraying robot system, carrying and palletizing robot system, automation control system and other integration contraction. The division provides customers with the best solutions, with the operation philosophy of whole-heartedly providing customers with professional and high quality services.

Small parts processing area

NC machining area

Laser cutting area

CNC horizontal milling

and boring machine

Vertical machining center

Wire cutting area

Heat treatment furnace

Manufacturing capacity - assembly area

Fixture assembly area

CNC boring and milling center

Robot gripper assembly area

Electrical assembly area

Robot workstation assembly area

Line body assembly area

Manufacturing capacity - commissioning and test welding area

To ensure the quality of project delivery, intelligent production lines need to be pre-integrated within the company

Test weld area of manual welding 

Project test weld area

Project test weld area

Test weld area of arc welding


Project integration area

Project debugging site

Quality assurance ability

Our company has 7 joint type three coordinates to test the fixtures, one laser tracker, and one large truss type

three coordinates equipment, which can guarantee the overall product quality 

Precision thermostatic testing room

Hexagon three coordinates

measuring instrument 7mx3m

Joint type three coordinates

detector (7 sets)

Laser tracker

Tensile testing machine

Hardness tester

Projection measuring instrument

Construction ability

MH Robot welding division has an installation team and an debugging team with excellent  comprehensive quality, which

can provide customers with first-class installation services

Factory testing

Jinzhong Geely GE12 project

Jinzhong Geely GE12 project

Nanchong Geely project

Fukuda multi-function V5 project

Fukuda multi-function V5 project

Well received by customers at the sites of Geely, Mazda, SGMW, etc.

Wuling flexible line project

Wuling flexible line project

Aoling TM welding line project

Aoling TM welding line project


Intelligent welding equipment

Robot workstation

Robot spraying


Installation and 

debugging in the factory

Customer site installation

and debugging