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Artificial intelligence robot walks into Winter Olympics

Artificial intelligence robot walks into Winter Olympics

With the closure of the Changping Winter Olympics in 2018, the "Beijing Eight Minutes" show came to an end.
With the closure of the Changping Winter Olympics in 2018, the "Beijing Eight Minutes" show came to an end, and artificial intelligence robots appeared again in people's sights. In recent years, with the concept of industry 4.0, smart manufacturing 2025, Internet +, etc. Continuously emerge, industrial robots appear in the working environment of manufacturing companies.
As we all know, China is a big manufacturing country. From “manufacturing” to “intellectual building” is an inevitable choice that closely follows the trend of the world. Xin Guobin, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, once stated that intelligent manufacturing is the development trend of China's manufacturing industry following the world and enhancing the advantages of development quality. The key lies in firmly grasping this main direction of attack, and promoting the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and manufacturing industries, all of which have an important and far-reaching impact on consolidating the foundation of the real economy.
In the general trend of transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry to automation and intelligence, many manufacturing companies are facing a transformation and upgrading. In many manufacturing industries, many foundry companies use Dalian Yuyang Industrial Intelligence's intelligent grinding equipment to help companies transform and upgrade. Then, the following Xiao Bian details Dalian Dalian Yuyang's intelligent grinding equipment GS45.
Dalian Yuyang Intelligent Grinding Equipment GS45 is driven by the servo motor X/Y/Z three-axis to realize the linear and circular interpolation functions of the machine tool spindle. At the same time, the machine tool is equipped with two rotary axes of workpiece exchange and workpiece rotation. The workpiece rotation can participate in interpolation cutting. Ordinary manual grinding takes 20 minutes, and the smart device only takes 2 minutes to polish. The reduction in labor costs is even more pronounced: Each intelligent grinding device can replace 5-10 workers. Such a performance comparable to Europe and the United States equipment, the price is only one-third of it.
With the victory of the 19th Party Congress, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises became the hot spot. Yuyang Industrial Intelligence has an independent R&D team and cooperates with Changchun FAW, CNHTC, Chongqing Xiaokang Power, Weichai Power and other large enterprises. Corporate transformation and upgrading will add new impetus. Help smart manufacturing 2025.