Chassis assembly AGV





In the process of automobile production, the assembly workshop assembles parts such as front suspension, rear suspension and engine to form an automobile chassis, which is assembled with the painted body, and finally assembled with other parts to form a complete vehicle. With its special production process and complexity, chassis assembly has become an important symbol of the automation degree of the final assembly workshop. Chassis-assembled AGV replaces the traditional lifting slide plate to realize the automatic lifting assembly of the car chassis and the body. Based on the characteristics of the omnidirectional movement of the AGV, the AGV line can be flexibly adjusted according to the process needs. Based on the characteristics of the wheelbase adjustment of the AGV, the flexible collinear production of multiple models can be realized. According to the number of lifts on the mobile robot, it can be divided into single lift, double lift, etc.; according to the type of lift, it can be divided into: scissor lift, barrel lift.